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There are many reasons to reduce your "time to hire". Not only is it good for you and your organization with fast recruitment processes, but also the candidates benefit from a smart and fast recruitment process.

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4 Reasons to Shorten the Recruitment Process

1. Attract the best candidates

Those candidates who are attractive in the job market often have a buffet of career opportunities under their noses. In other words, there is great reason for you as an organization to show off your best side. What's better than being quick-footed? 

It simply works so that the candidates with the highest potential are most likely to have the most job offers from you as well as many other competitors in the labour market. The faster you as an organization are when it comes to the recruitment process, the greater the likelihood that you will get the best candidate for the job.

2. Expand faster and meet your customers' needs

The decision to hire additional people to their organization generally arises for two reasons. Either the market has opened up or increased pressure from its customers has arisen for one reason or another.

If the market has opened up and new business opportunities seem possible to take part in, more or other skills are often required for the organization to take part in the new opportunities. The organization that is the fastest will gain the most ground. For example, a recruitment that takes 2-6 months is equal to fail in such a situation.

If one or more of your customers are pushing and want to extend your delivery to these, a quick response is often required so that the customer does not tire and go to another partner, supplier or manufacturer. Allowing customers to wait 2-6 months is also tantaa also a fail.

It is therefore of the utmost importance to minimize lead times for recruiting.

3. Strengthen your Employer Brand

No one feels good about waiting for what their future will look like. Perhaps you have been in a recruitment process where you have been in a hurry? Where you wanted to know what they're really doing, the ones you submitted a RESUME to two months ago? Where you've been to an interview but haven't heard a bang in weeks? 

An organization that has recruitment processes that last for several months, and sometimes as much as six months, will frustrate many candidates, which takes a toll on the employer brand. The interest of many candidates will thus cool quickly. Of course, you never want that as a recruiting party.

4. Minimize time consuming administration

A protracted and complicated process of advertising, CV review, reading of personal letters and numerous interviews with many candidates will take an enormous amount of time from the organization. Often this time is also taken from people who have key roles in the organization.

Here it is of the utmost importance to shorten and use tools to automate repetitive parts of the recruitment process. This is in order to be able to spend time on tasks that are crucial in a recruitment process. It also makes your employees happier. We dare to promise you that!

Shorten and streamline recruitment with Brite

In many organizations, we talk about re-routing processes that take many months. Some recruitment companies even advocate, hear and be amazed, that recruitment should take a long time! We don't at Brite. Recruitment should go quickly.

Our goal is to minimize the time it takes from a need being identified until a person has signed an employment contract. We want, and are convinced that it is possible, to reduce the time that process takes over a week. Ideally, the time the process takes should be counted in days. Or maybe even hours.

One requirement for this, however, is to abolish the traditional recruitment process and accept that the labour market must be extremely mobile in the future. What does this mean? Among other things, we need to stop reviewing CVs and cover letters. We also need to stop sitting in unstructured interviews early in the process.

But what to do instead? Our tip is simple: use selection instruments that take some time to use and that have high accuracy. This can be, for example, general aptitude tests, personality tests and motivation tests. Use these early. Then meet a few candidates at a final interview and focus on talking about what is specific in the current role and in your organization. Let the candidate choose the job!

We are not saying that Brite is the solution to all the world's problems, but if you want to shorten your recruitment processes, then Brite is the recruitment support for you. Brite is built to streamline and automate the rerkytering process. Several parts of the recruitment process are therefore already complete when you as an employer write your job advertisement. And creating an ad in Brite can take as little as a minute. Time until you have a candidate for an interview? Only hours if you like fast pucks. 

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