How does Brite work?

Brite is the recruitment tool that automates large parts of the traditional recruitment process. This is so that you as a recruiter do not have to autonomous and time-consuming tasks.

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How does Brite work?

Here's how a recruitment goes with Brite

No recruitment is the same, but the recruitment process in Brite will be easier than ever. The boring tasks are automated and you have the opportunity to spend time on what is important instead.

1. Create requirement profile

Creating a requirement profile in Brite is done with just a few keystrokes. Quick and easy.

2. Requirements matched to competence

We match your requirements in real time against the skills that are actively and passively looking for jobs through Brite.

3. Call an interview

As soon as you find the right candidates, you simply call them for an interview directly in Brite.

4. Hire the right skills

When you have had interviews, it is easy in Brite to follow up on your experience and hire the right candidate.

The benefits of Brite

Four benefits of Brite

Brite puts expertise in focus, using the latest research and the latest technologies. We help organizations recruit quickly, accurately and discrimination-free.

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Recruit without prejudice

35 million years. That's how old man's evolutionary qualities. Even in complex situations, our decision-making skills are based on these qualities, which is why what is believed to be a conscious decision is often not. With Brite's algorithmic selection, you can recruit without prejudice.

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Research in focus

Brite is based on established research in selection psychology, which increases recruitment accuracy. Competence focus, structured interview methods and mechanical selection, fully in line with what the research says, make it easier than ever to find the right talent for the job.

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Certified tests

The tests that Brite uses are certified and approved for the Swedish labour market through independent review to verify the science behind the tests. Brite collaborates with one of the few actors in Sweden who provides certified tests.

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Faster & smarter

In order for you as a recruiter to avoid spending time and energy on time-essing and monotonous tasks and instead be able to focus on qualitative tasks, Brite is automated and based on an autmoatized selection to streamline your everyday life.

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